Top Adjustable Beds for Seniors: Transform Your Sleep!


Trouble sleeping can really affect how you feel, especially as you get older. If you struggle to sleep well often, think about getting an adjustable bed. These beds can lift up your head and feet, which might ease breathing and make you more comfy. Some can even put you in a “zero-gravity” position that feels weightless and eases body pressure to help you sleep better and feel less pain. Don’t worry about the tech stuff, you can easily find the best adjustable beds for seniors that can be set up easily or brought to you without any fuss. They can make your sleep better, no matter how old you are.

The Best Beds for Elderly Use at Home

Looking for a new bed for elderly at home? Below are some top picks from experts!

Sealy Ease Power Base

In the current market, adjustable beds offer more than just raising the head and foot positions; they include extras like massage functions, under-bed lights, and sleep tracking. Our older testers appreciated these features, but they mostly favored the simplicity of Sealy’s adjustable bed. It has easy settings for adjusting the head and foot positions, a flat lying option, and a preset zero gravity position. Our testers found it well-designed and simple to operate, making it a top choice.

Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame

This recliner bed for elderly allows users to raise their head and feet using a remote or a phone app with the Nectar Adjustable base. It has three ready-to-go positions: zero gravity, anti-snore, and TV mode, and you can set it to remember your favorite positions too. Apart from adjusting the head and feet, this bed can give massages with different strengths in two zones. You can change its height by using 8-inch or 3-inch legs, both included, and add 2-inch extenders for extra height. What’s cool is it has four USB ports for easy charging right on the base.

LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base

If you’re looking for an adjustable bed that won’t break the bank, Lucid has an option that’s affordable. It might not have fancy vibrating massages or lights underneath, but it still lifts your head and feet easily and lets you save your favorite position with a remote. It even has USB ports to charge your phone. This bed’s a hit on Amazon, with loads of great reviews and the perk of quick Prime shipping.

Setting it up yourself is straightforward, but it doesn’t come with free setup or delivery. The company claims it takes about five minutes to set up without waiting for a delivery service. Just a heads up, though: it’s quite heavy, so you might need extra hands to move it into your bedroom.

Emma Powerbase Pro Adjustable Bed

Emma’s famous for their super supportive mattresses, and they’ve made their Powerbase Pro Adjustable Bed just as strong. It’s made of tough steel and has settings for your head and feet, so seniors can pick a comfy position easily, including a zero-gravity angle. This helps older folks get cozy without much hassle.

The Emma Powerbase also has different leg options for people of various heights, along with extras like voice control and USB chargers. You can even control the bed using your voice, adjusting its features and position.

Tempur-Pedic Ergo Power Base

If you’re after a super comfy adjustable bed, check out Tempur-Pedic’s choice. Our testers really liked it for good reasons: it has preset positions you can even customize, a relaxing vibrating massage, USB ports, and gentle under-bed lights. But what makes it stand out is the adjustable lower back support, giving your lower back some extra help by lifting it up to 6 inches.

Tempur-Pedic has always wowed us and our testers with their fancy stuff, top-notch materials, and great quality. Testers found these beds easy to use with the handy remote, and they loved the massage after tiring days. If you want something even more techy, their Ergo Smart Base goes further, with sleep tracking and a mode to find and ease snoring.

Helix Adjustable Base

The Helix Adjustable Base has lots of features that could make it really comfy for seniors. With the remote, you can adjust both your head and feet to find your best position. Once you’ve found it, you can save it as a preset, making it easy to get back to it anytime with just a button press. You can even save up to three different comfy positions.

The remote also has two preset positions: flat and zero gravity. Pressing one button can take the base back to its original spot. The zero gravity position makes you feel weightless at a 120-degree angle. It even has a massage option with three levels of strength. Plus, there are two USB ports for easy charging.

FlexiSpot S6 Adjustable Bed

While having someone set things up for you can be handy, waiting for delivery or fixing a date in advance can be a hassle. But this base ships fast and setting it up is a breeze, say our testers. It’s packed with cool stuff found in pricier models: anti-snore mode, zoned massage, three position controls you can set, and even under-bed lighting. You can use it on a platform bed or add the regular legs.

Testers loved making their own comfy positions and really liked the zero-gravity preset. One person mentioned that, although these bases are usually heavy, this one was easier to carry upstairs. Some found the motor a bit loud when adjusting positions, but they felt the comfort made it totally worth it.

Nolah Adjustable Base With Massage

If you want a fancy base, check out the Nolah Adjustable Base With Massage. It gives you a whole-body massage with four quiet engines at three different strengths. You can control it using a remote, a phone app, and even your voice. There are handy extras, too: USB ports, a night light underneath, and strong steel for stability.

Choose the Best Adjustable Beds for Seniors

Discover the ultimate comfort and sleep solutions for seniors with our curated selection of top-tier adjustable beds designed to transform your nightly rest. From reliable favorites like Sealy and Tempur-Pedic to tech-savvy options like Nectar and Helix, find the perfect fit that suits your needs and enhances your sleep quality. With features ranging from zero-gravity positions to soothing massages and user-friendly controls, our recommended beds cater to diverse preferences and budgets.


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