What You Need in Your Baby Nursery: Setting Up a Safe Haven


Setting up a baby’s room might seem like a lot. Shops have tons of things, making you feel like everything’s vital for your baby’s happiness, like that fancy pink couch made of special cotton. But babies don’t need much. Some things are crucial, and the rest are just extras. But what do you need in a nursery? In these situations, it’s best to focus on the basics below. They’re all you need to make a part of your home—whether it’s a small space in your room or a converted den—a great place for your baby.

Baby Room Essentials For Sleeping

Below are some nursery needs you should add on your list for your baby’s sleeping:

Crib or Bassinet

As your baby arrives, you have a choice for their sleep: a crib or a bassinet. No matter your first choice, your baby will soon move to a crib and snooze there often, so ensure it’s strong. Safety matters most for your baby’s sleep!


A solid, even mattress that fits the crib well (there should be very little space between the mattress and the crib)

Mattress Pad And Cover

Your baby’s crib will surely face many spills and accidents during their first year and beyond. It’s good to have 1 to 3 washable mattress pads for the crib.


Your baby is used to feeling cozy and secure in your warm, comfy belly. To give them that same snug sensation outside the belly and to aid their sleep, swaddling during the initial months is a great idea!

Night Light

Creating a calming atmosphere and helping your baby recognize dim light as a signal for nighttime, try adding a nightlight to their room. This nursery must-have will be a savior for those late-night feedings, making it easier to navigate the nursery.


If you opt for using a fitted sheet on your baby’s sleeping area, search for sheets that are gentle and, importantly, breathable for safety.

For Eating and Feeding Times

Moms should feel comfortable too, especially during feeding times. Check out our nursery must haves for round-the-clock feeding:

Cozy Rocking Chair or Armchair

A comfortable chair where you can sit and rock gently while holding or soothing your baby. It helps create a relaxing environment for both you and your little one, making feeding or comforting moments more comfortable.

Adjustable Lamp for Soft Lighting

This kind of lamp allows you to control the brightness, making it perfect for adjusting the room’s lighting, especially during night-time routines. Soft light helps create a calming atmosphere for your baby’s sleep and for late-night activities without disrupting their rest.

Nursing Pillow

When your baby is new, you’ll feed them about eight to 10 times every day. If you count all the minutes for each feeding, you’ll realize you spend quite a bit of time sitting and feeding your baby in a day!

Diaper Changing Station

Check out our list for some important must-haves for diaper changing:

Changing Table And Changing Pad

You’ll want a place to keep all the important things you got at your baby showers. A dresser is a great choice!

If space is tight, your baby’s dresser can also become a spot for changing them. To make it work for both, you’ll need a comfy changing pad with a cover to place on top.

The stuff you need for diaper changes, such as wipes, diapers, and creams, can easily fit in the top drawer of the dresser, right under the changing pad.

Storage Bins

You’ll need somewhere to store your baby’s items:

Bins and Baskets

Make things neater by using baskets or bins in your baby’s room. Put them where you can grab what you need, like blankets, while holding your baby. Try placing them close to the rocking chair and near the changing spot for easy access.


After baby stuff, books are a big deal from your baby shower. But where do you put all those picture books?

Rather than using up floor space with a bookshelf, try something cool—hang a bookshelf on the wall! Make the books part of the nursery’s decorations!

Closet Organizer

Regular closets might not work well for your baby’s tiny clothes and things. That’s where a hanging closet organizer comes in handy! It’s perfect for those extra baby items that didn’t fit in the dresser or baskets.

For Playtime

As your baby grows, you’ll want them to stay engaged to supplement their development. Below are some toys to consider:

  • Crib mobile: A crib mobile is a hanging toy that babies enjoy watching. However, when your baby starts to become more mobile and can support themselves on hands and knees, it’s safer to remove the mobile. At this stage, they might grab or reach for the mobile, which could pose a risk once they start moving around more.
  • Baby swing or bouncer: These are comfy, safe seats for your baby to sit or rest in. They often have gentle rocking or bouncing motions that babies find soothing. They can be a lifesaver when you need your hands free or when your baby needs a change of scenery.
  • Soft, easy-to-clean rug: This is a cozy and cleanable rug made from natural materials like cotton or wool. Natural fibers can reduce the chance of chemicals being released into the air (off-gassing), making it safer for your baby. It provides a soft and safe spot for playtime and crawling.
  • Play mat: A comfortable, often cushioned mat for your baby to lie on or play. It’s a soft and safe surface for tummy time, rolling, and exploring. Some play mats come with colorful patterns or toys to entertain and stimulate your baby.
  • Age-appropriate toys: Toys that are suitable for your baby’s age and developmental stage. For instance, soft toys for very young babies, items that make sounds or have contrasting colors for a few months older, and as they grow, toys that encourage crawling, grasping, and exploration. It’s important that the toys are safe and engaging for your baby’s development.

Follow our Complete Checklist for Nursery Rooms

Create the perfect nest for your little one by focusing on the essentials! From a safe and cozy sleeping area to a functional diaper changing station, and a playful environment, ensure your baby’s space is both practical and comforting. Discover the must-have items and smart solutions that’ll transform any corner of your home into a haven for your baby’s growth and happiness. Build the ideal space for your little one to thrive and explore by incorporating these key elements into your nursery!


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