Accelerate Your Accounting Career by learning How to Get an Accounting Experience


Your current accounting job may not align with your long-term vision for the next 10 years. If you aspire to reach the corner office, what steps can you take to make it happen? Learning how to get accounting experience is the first step.

Congratulations on securing your first job in the accounting industry! You’ve worked hard to earn your degree, and now you have a solid foundation to build upon. However, you’re eager to progress further in your career. The good news is that with a little extra effort, you can accelerate your professional growth and achieve the promotion you desire.

In the competitive field of accounting, it’s crucial to distinguish yourself from other job seekers. The good news is that standing out is not as challenging as it may seem.

Continue reading to discover several accounting career advice that can propel your accounting career forward.

Get a Valued Certification

One way you can learn how to gain experience in accounting is getting valued certifications. By acquiring the appropriate certifications for your career, you demonstrate your dedication and willingness to go the extra mile in your job. Obtaining credentials such as CIMA or ACCA sets you apart from other candidates vying for the same positions.

Employers are well aware of the arduous process of earning these certifications. It requires significant time and unwavering commitment to successfully navigate and pass the rigorous examinations. Fortunately, there are programs available to support you throughout this journey, making the path to certification more manageable and accessible.

Build a Solid Network

Networking plays a crucial role in propelling your accounting career forward. Surprisingly, a staggering 85% of all job opportunities are secured through networking. Many positions never even make it to online job postings, as they are filled exclusively through networking. In such cases, candidates may not necessarily meet all the stated qualifications for the role.

By showcasing your potential and highlighting your past achievements, you have the chance to secure your dream job without the tedious process of traditional job searching. Remember, sometimes it’s not just about what you know, but also who you know.

Leveraging your network can also lead you to find a valuable business mentor. Mentorships offer an excellent opportunity to learn firsthand from someone who has already climbed the ladder of success in a career similar to your aspirations.

Diversify Your Experience

Have you ever considered diversifying your experience, just like you would diversify your retirement fund? It’s crucial not to remain stuck performing the same task for an extended period if you aspire to climb the corporate ladder.

Successful accountants possess a broad range of knowledge and skills that contribute to their career advancement. When you’re crafting your career path, it’s vital to gain exposure to various accounting roles instead of becoming entrenched in a single position for too long.

Collaborate with your manager to proactively change your responsibilities every two to three years. This proactive approach will enable you to acquire the necessary skills and expertise to prepare for more challenging and advanced roles in the future.

Continue Your Education & Training

It’s a well-known fact that what you learn in school can become outdated rapidly.

That’s precisely why renowned accounting certifications, such as the ACCA, emphasize the importance of ongoing education and training. This concept is often referred to as continued professional development (CPD).

The primary objective of CPD is to ensure you stay abreast of the latest industry trends while further enhancing your accounting skills and expertise.

By diligently staying updated through continuous training and education, you position yourself for success in your current role as an accountant. Additionally, it enhances your eligibility for future roles that align with your career aspirations.

Focus on Relationships

In order to thrive in the accounting industry, it’s essential for you to not only excel in data entry and report generation but also demonstrate respect when dealing with clients and colleagues.

Establishing strong relationships with your team members and clients can significantly boost your standing in the accounting field. Being approachable, relatable, and maintaining professionalism while interacting with others is a valuable skill that sets you apart. It’s refreshing to operate on a human level rather than solely focusing on business matters throughout the day.

Active listening is one of the most effective ways to cultivate relationships with others. As an accountant, you may have valuable insights for your clients, and while that holds true, attentively listening to their concerns and effectively communicating how you can assist them will make them feel genuinely supported and cared for.

Have a Global Mindset

In the ever-evolving landscape of accounting, companies are increasingly seeking global teams to manage their accounting departments.

Technologies like AI, machine learning, and automation are gaining prominence within the accounting sector, and having a foundational understanding of these tools is essential to stay current.

In today’s digital era, staying informed about technological advancements that impact the accounting field is crucial not only to make a favorable impression during interviews but also to advance in your current position.

Adopting a global mindset is a valuable asset that will enable you to stay ahead of the curve throughout your career as you start learning how to gain accounting experience. Embracing new developments and global perspectives will enhance your professional growth and ensure your continued success in the field.

Fast-Track Your Accounting Career

Taking proactive steps to enhance your accounting career, you can fast-track your journey to success. Embrace the opportunity to earn valuable certifications that set you apart from other candidates. Cultivate a strong network and seek guidance from experienced mentors who can help shape your path. Diversify your experience to broaden your skill set and prepare for advanced roles.

Stay updated through continuous education and training to stay ahead of industry trends. Focus on building meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues, emphasizing active listening and genuine care. Lastly, adopt a global mindset to navigate the evolving landscape of accounting. By implementing these strategies, you’ll position yourself for rapid advancement and achieve your goals in the accounting industry.


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