Meet Our Team

Patricia Evans

Patricia Evans is a seasoned writer with 15 years of experience, specializing in home and parenting topics. For nearly a decade, she contributed her expertise to a renowned magazine in this field. As a devoted mother of three, Patricia's passion for healthy living extends to her role as a snack enthusiast, creating nutritious treats for her children. Her love for writing and editing shines through in her work, where she brings a blend of passion and skill to every project.


Landon Moretti

Landon Moretti is a versatile writer with a keen interest in personal finance, driven by his experience as a personal investor and insurance underwriter. For the past eight years, he has been sharing his expertise on various websites, offering valuable insights and practical advice to readers. Landon's unique blend of financial knowledge and writing skills allows him to communicate complex concepts in an accessible and engaging manner.


Janella Rogers

Janella Rogers is a vibrant and lively author whose interests span across wellness, pop culture, and pets. As the eldest among five siblings and a proud owner of four cats, she cherishes the importance of family and the companionship of animals. Janella's passion for veganism and crafting jewelry adds a creative touch to her life, fostering a diverse range of topics that captivate her curiosity. With her engaging writing style and broad spectrum of interests, Janella brings a refreshing perspective to her work that resonates with readers from all walks of life.


Lillian Wang

Lillian Wang is a dedicated sustainability advocate and practitioner with over a decade of experience. Committed to green living, she actively incorporates sustainable practices into her daily life. Lillian's passion for creating eco-friendly environments extends to her love for home decorating and remodeling, where she combines her expertise in sustainability with her creative flair. Through her writing, Lillian aims to inspire others to embrace sustainable living and discover the beauty of environmentally conscious home design.

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