Everything You Need to Know About Having Your Wedding Band Engraved


Dating back to medieval times, the tradition of engraving couples’ most cherished jewelry with religious quotes and affectionate vows has persisted for centuries. While this practice adds a unique touch to wedding rings, the prospect of choosing the right inscription can be daunting, as it is essential not to alter the appearance of the piece negatively. To alleviate concerns, this guide provides comprehensive information on engraving wedding rings, offering valuable insights and a diverse list of popular wedding band engraving ideas to help you look for meaningful sentiments you can engrave on your wedding band.

How much does wedding ring engraving cost?

The cost to engrave a ring is determined by the character count of your chosen inscription. On average, you can expect to spend between $50 and $100, and most rings can accommodate anywhere from 15 to 30 characters without a hitch. While your rings may have come with a significant price tag, the silver lining is that adding a personal engraving doesn’t have to break the bank since it’s reasonably priced.

What should you engrave on your wedding band?

If engraving is on your mind even before the engagement, it’s a good idea to communicate your desire to the jeweler before making the purchase. Engraving typically takes place towards the final stages of the manufacturing process, allowing you some time to contemplate the perfect inscription while your rings are in the making. However, if the decision to engrave strikes you after the purchase or even post-wedding, fret not—it’s still possible. Just be ready for a temporary parting with your ring as the engraving process takes its course.

How does wedding band engraving work?

The majority of jewelers opt for laser engraving when personalizing rings, considering it the most straightforward and secure method for handling jewelry. This technique involves a precision-focused, rapid process utilizing a pencil-sized laser beam, with the laser’s strength varying based on the metal type. Essentially, it’s a quick and precise method that poses minimal risk to the integrity of your precious jewelry. The real challenge lies in crafting a distinctive inscription, especially given the constraint of around 30 characters. Fortunately, we’ve curated a selection of unique ring engraving ideas to inspire and guide you through this creative process, detailed below.

Some Wedding Band Engraving Ideas

Explore a spectrum of inspiration ranging from classic and religious to romantic and whimsical with these trending ring engraving suggestions. Grab a pen and jot down the ones that resonate with you!


Capture the essence of your love with meaningful ring engraving ideas, such as the date you first met, your wedding date, simple declarations like “I love you,” “Always,” and “Forever,” as well as enduring symbols like eternity and the infinity symbol. Personalize further with your initials, endearing nicknames, or phrases like “Forever begins,” “To have and to hold,” and “Till death do us part,” creating a lasting reminder of your happily ever after.


Personalize your rings with sentimental touches like the date of your first date or first kiss, the date of your engagement, a cherished song lyric, or the coordinates of where you first met. Consider engraving phrases such as “All my love,” “Never to part,” “To have and to hold,” “To the moon and back,” “My one and only,” “The beginning of forever,” “Love, honor, cherish,” “I choose you,” “I love you more,” and the endearing Italian expression “Amore mio” (my love). Each inscription serves as a unique and heartfelt symbol of your special connection.


Add a touch of humor and intimacy to your rings with a short inside joke like “Put me back on!” or playful phrases such as “A perfect fit,” “Dibs!” and “Non-refundable.” Declare ownership with endearing inscriptions like “Mine” and “You’re stuck with me now,” or seal the deal with statements like “A deal’s a deal” and “Property of (your name).” Celebrate the union with sentiments like “Finally” and “Do not remove,” expressing gratitude with “Incredibly lucky.” Playfully question “Why is this off” and emphasize commitment with expressions like “Ride or die” and “Better half.” These whimsical engravings add a personal touch to your cherished rings.


Inscribe your rings with meaningful expressions of faith, such as your favorite Bible verse or powerful statements like “In God and thee, my joy shall be” and “Do everything in love.” Capture the essence of commitment with phrases like “Love is patient, love is kind” and “Where you go, I will go.” Emphasize the divine union with sentiments like “Joined under God,” “God unites in love,” and the Latin expression “Deus Nos lunxit” (God joined us). These inscriptions serve as enduring reminders of love, faith, and the sacred bond you share.

Coordinating Phrases

  • Band 1: “Through countless moments?” Band 2: “Eternally.”
  • Band 1: “I belong to my dearest” Band 2: “And my dearest belongs to me.”
  • Band 1: “Night’s gentle glow” Band 2: “Radiance of my skies”
  • Band 1: “Deep affection resides” Band 2: “Acknowledged and embraced”
  • Band 1: “Commitment declared” Band 2: “Mutual and affirmed”
  • Band 1: “Unified circle” Band 2: “Commanding them entirely”

Learn What to Engrave on Your Wedding Band with Clever Ideas

Embark on a journey to immortalize your love with the perfect engraving on your wedding bands. Whether you prefer a touch of tradition, a whisper of romance, a dash of humor, or a reflection of your faith, let these ideas inspire you to create an inscription that resonates with your unique bond. Remember, these rings symbolize your union; make them as special and personalized as your love story. Start envisioning your forever today, and etch your heart’s message into the metal that signifies your unending commitment.


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