Renew Your Love: Discover Unique Couples Spiritual Retreats Worldwide


Fostering a cherished connection in this world is a truly unique and special relationship! Engaging in a couples retreat, particularly one centered around couples spiritual retreat or counseling, has the power to enhance love, fortify bonds, address challenging patterns, and facilitate a deeper understanding of oneself, one’s partner, and the dynamics of closeness versus conflict, trust, emotional connection, and intimacy.

Take a break together to rediscover peace and strengthen your connection at these wellness retreats for couples, where you’ll find yourselves falling in love all over again.

Top Spiritual Couples Retreat Destinations from Around the World

Enhance the fabric of your relationship by creating special memories together, exploring deeper connections at couples workshops, engaging in marriage counseling, and focusing on personal healing for both yourself and your relationship through a couples meditation retreat.

Full Moon Ritual at Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort

Dive into the magical Full Moon Ceremony at Windjammer Landing in Castries, St. Lucia. Spend three immersive hours absorbing the moon’s transformative energies with a tranquil night boat ride in Labrelotte Bay, followed by a yin yoga session complemented by guided meditation. Indulge in a revitalizing massage, savor a plant-based dinner, and cap off the evening with a captivating stargazing experience.

Strengthen your eternal bond by opting for an additional evening dive featuring underwater yoga and breathing techniques to cultivate a more tranquil state of mind and body. The workshop rate begins at $750 per couple (accommodations not included; room rates start at $185 per night). This enchanting retreat takes place every full moon.

3 Day Private Luxury Psychic Wellness Retreat in Lovely Utah, US

Embark on a transformative journey at the Buddha State Retreat Center in Zion National Park, Utah, for a unique healing experience. Priced at $1,800 and available in November and December, this retreat promises an instant healing and psychic awakening, inviting you to transmute your past, present, and future into light amidst the beauty of nature.

The center specializes in psychic readings, mediumship, aura readings, inter-dimensional aura healing, and more, guiding participants to connect with their light body and activate psychic abilities. This private retreat for one romantic couple, led by a couple of experienced psychic healers, offers not only spiritual healing but also activities like lazy river tubing, private E-bike tours, Jeeping, sauna sessions, private hikes to hidden gems, lounging in natural pools, and bonfires. Immerse yourself in love and light, leaving this retreat on a higher plane.

Euphoria Escape for Couples at the Wellness Holiday Boutique

Unwind at the Wellness Holiday Boutique, where tranquility meets charm near the delightful village of Mystras, a UNESCO World Heritage Site resting at the base of Mount Taygetus. Here, you and your partner can unwind completely. Explore the cozy tepidarium for gentle warmth, a rejuvenating salt room, and an invigorating outdoor California hot tub. Dive into the Kneipp circuit for a unique experience, indulge in experiential showers, and unwind in the Finnish sauna and steam room. Immerse yourself in the revitalizing hydrotherapy circuit for a truly distinctive and relaxing journey.

Besides that, you can try yoga, meditation, or attend informative talks, all aimed at bringing more balance and peace into your life. The prices start at $1,175 per person for a three-night stay, excluding flights and transfers.

Hedonic Spa Ritual Retreat for 2 in South Tyrol, Italy

Escape to the enchanting Province of Bolzano in Trentino-South Tyrol, Italy, and discover the allure of the Preidlhof Luxury Dolce Vita Resort. Priced at $1,576 and open throughout the year, this haven beckons with its luxurious offerings and timeless charm. Immerse yourself in a tranquil and opulent spa retreat, providing the perfect setting to reconnect with your beloved in the way you’ve always imagined. This exclusive retreat is designed specifically for couples, offering a chance to leave the outside world behind and foster connections with your partner and other joyful couples.

Work It Out Package at The Guild Hotel San Diego

Eager to infuse joy into your relationship and fortify your connection with your loved one? Explore the Delightful Duo package for a delightful and bond-strengthening experience! You’ll get to chill in The Guild Hotel’s awesome penthouse suite, complete with a private patio, cool skyline views, and a European rooftop vibe.

Additionally, revel in a rejuvenating yoga session, engage in a dynamic creative art therapy session, and partake in an exclusive private kickboxing and Krav Maga workshop – all seamlessly included! The comprehensive package is priced at $2,000, featuring an added bonus of a one-night stay in the luxurious penthouse. For those seeking to prolong the enjoyment, the option to include extra nights in the penthouse is available at $900 each.

5 Day Peaceful Private Yoga Retreat with Sea Views in Ibiza

Go on a life-altering journey on the vibrant island of Ibiza, Spain, with Deep Yoga Ibiza, a profound experience priced at $1629. Reconnect with yourself and your partner through a soulful adventure with this comprehensive couples retreat. Enjoy 4 nights in a private and charming Ibiza home overlooking the sea. The retreat includes daily sunrise meditation, intimate yoga classes in small groups, and delicious daily brunch along with two evening meals crafted by a Japanese chef.

Benefit from Wi-Fi, water, tea, and coffee throughout the day, as well as pre- and post-retreat support from the dedicated team. The package covers accommodation, parking, and invigorating daily yoga sessions, offering a perfect opportunity to nurture love and intimacy in a breathtaking setting.

Couples Retreat at Shou Sugi Ban House

Elevate your romance amidst the charm of the Hamptons at the Shou Sugi Ban House, a contemporary and tranquil sanctuary. This distinctive couples’ retreat introduces invigorating morning movement classes and luxurious nightly soaks in a bath infused with organic chocolate, rose quartz, and signature blooms. Immerse yourselves in a truly unique and romantic experience at this haven of serenity.Your cozy retreat space also features a fireplace and a garden patio, adding to the romantic atmosphere. Enrich your experience by opting for exclusive activities, such as a multi-sensory sound bath ritual featuring tuning forks, gongs, and Himalayan crystal bowls.

Alternatively, indulge in a rejuvenating crystal healing session incorporating Reiki, sacred oils, and crystal stones. Elevate your stay with these one-of-a-kind offerings designed to enhance your well-being and provide a truly unique retreat experience. The retreat package starts at $1,295 per night for the couple, including guest studio accommodations. While you’re in the area, seize the opportunity to discover the extraordinary permanent collection and ever-changing exhibits at the Parrish Art Museum, conveniently located just a brief two-minute stroll away.

Choose the Best Couples Spiritual Retreat for You and Your Partner

Deepen your connection and revitalize your relationship with our curated selection of transformative retreats around the world. From the enchanting Full Moon Ritual in St. Lucia to the psychic wellness experience in Utah, each retreat promises to nurture love, enhance spiritual well-being, and create lasting memories. Reconnect in the picturesque landscapes of Greece, Italy, and Ibiza, or indulge in a unique spa experience in the Hamptons. These specially designed retreats cater to couples seeking balance, peace, and renewed intimacy.


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