Can Men Wear Makeup: Tips and Essentials


The rise of men’s makeup has been a noticeable trend in recent times. In today’s era, men can freely wear makeup and embrace cosmetics to accentuate their standout features and radiate an aura of self-assurance and sophistication. This might encompass techniques such as enhancing their bold eyebrows or skillfully contouring their chiseled masculine visages.

It may come as a revelation to some that the use of makeup by men is far from a modern phenomenon. In fact, throughout recorded history, men have routinely incorporated cosmetics into their grooming routines. Evolving perceptions of gender norms have significantly contributed to the growing fascination with men’s cosmetics, which serve both as a means of personal expression and a tool to enhance one’s appearance.

Can Guys Wear Makeup?

Even now, some people might still think it’s not okay for guys to wear men’s makeup. They might believe it’s girly or suggests something about your sexuality. But don’t let what others think stop you, just like you wouldn’t let people who don’t like your style bother you.

We understand that it might sometimes feel scary to do something that others might see as wrong or not manly. But remember, makeup is for any guy who wants to use it, whether they’re gay, straight, masculine, or feminine.

It’s completely fine if you don’t want to use makeup too. But if you’re thinking about giving it a try, we’ll guide you through the basics of men’s makeup and what to avoid.

How to Choose the Right Makeup for Men

Men who wear makeup have a harder time finding the right product that works for them. Below are some tips to make sure you find the right one.

Determine Your Skin Type

The first step is to find out what your skin type is:

  • Dry Skin: Your skin might be dry if it looks matte, and you have small pores. You might also see redness and lines on your skin.
  • Oily Skin: If your skin looks shiny and has larger pores, it’s likely oily. You might have to deal with acne and other skin issues more often.
  • Balanced or Normal Skin: This means your skin is neither too oily nor too dry. It’s somewhere in the middle.
  • Combination Skin: Sometimes, your skin can be a mix of the types mentioned above. For example, your forehead, nose, and chin might be oily (that’s called the t-zone), while your cheeks could be dry.

Skin Tone

Understanding your skin’s undertone is essential for finding the right makeup that looks perfect on you.

  • Warm Undertone: If your skin has a warm undertone, it might have a bit of green, yellow, or peachy tint.
  • Cool Undertone: Cool undertone means your skin has a touch of bluishness to it.
  • Neutral Undertone: If your undertone is neutral, it’s a bit tricky to spot. It could be a mix of blue, green, yellow, or gold undertones, but nothing stands out. That’s totally fine – it’s just a neutral undertone.

Makeup Type

There are many types of makeup for guys. But when it comes to concealers, you have a choice between liquids and creams. To make the right pick, consider what suits your skin and needs best.

  • Liquid Concealers: These are thinner and give you light to medium coverage. They work nicely for all skin types. You’ll usually find them in a tube with a wand.
  • Cream Concealers: Creams are thicker and feel a bit waxy. They offer more coverage and stay longer compared to liquids because you can apply them thicker. They’re great for oily skin but not the best for dry skin. You can find them in pots, sticks, or pans, depending on the brand.

Where to Shop

The world of makeup for guys is growing fast, and many new companies are starting up just for men’s makeup. They make products thinking about what men’s skin is like – thicker, different sweat, more oil, and hormones that make it feel rough.

These brands have everything you need for a simple cover-up, but they might not have lots of different colors. They also like making creams, which can be too thick for some skin, like dry skin.

Makeup Tips for Guys – Do’s and Don’ts

It’s time to share the inside scoop with all the curious men you know. Sure, they can use makeup to enhance their beards, but that doesn’t mean they’re free from concerns about looking good.


  • It’s a good idea to take care of your neck and the rest of your face to make your skin appear fresh and healthy.
  • When it comes to getting great coverage for things like uneven skin tone or hiding blemishes, remember that sometimes, using less is better. Foundation is a solid choice for this. It gives you a strong base, and you can use it alone or with other stuff. On the other hand, tinted moisturizer is a bit lighter and thinner. It doesn’t cover as much, but it’s a win-win because it also adds moisture to your skin.
  • Some guys might get a bit nervous when they hear the word “foundation.” It seems like “serious” makeup, and it is. But picking a good brand and using it right can make a small but nice change in how you look. Foundation (or tinted moisturizer if you want a bit of color) can help make your skin tone even, hide imperfections, and give you a fresher, younger look.
  • Certain makeup products can provide your skin with moisture and a beautiful glow, while others add a subtle shine. It’s a good idea to skip products that have shimmer in them. Instead, apply them lightly so that your skin has a gentle shine, and you can still see your natural skin for a really natural appearance.
  • Taking good care of your skin is super important because it keeps your skin healthy. Your skin constantly loses old cells and makes new ones, so having a good routine can help with wrinkles, keep acne away, and make your skin look awesome.


  • To make sure your makeup looks great all day, from your morning commute to after a gym workout, you need to get your skin ready. The secret weapon here is primer. It helps your makeup stick and gives your skin a smooth, flawless look. So, start your beauty routine with some primer.
  • Concealers are an important part of men’s grooming. It’s important to know that using the same concealer for everything like acne, under-eye bags, and imperfections might not be the best idea. For instance, the skin around your eyes might be darker than the rest of your face. These areas naturally have different shades.
  • Who doesn’t love having thick, full eyebrows? Everyone does! But here’s the catch: it can look odd if you use the wrong shade to fill in the thin spots in your brows. Also, it might seem a bit off if your brow color doesn’t match your beard color.
  • If you want smooth and full lips, here’s the secret: lip balm. Dry lips can mess up your carefully picked lip colors. So, keep those lips hydrated! You’ll see the difference in no time.
  • People often use makeup to enhance their facial features, but they sometimes forget about their neck. It’s important to remember that your neck is right after your face in terms of exposure. If you only focus on your face, the area below your chin might look different and out of place. This can also make you seem older than you really are, and that’s not a good look.

Wear Makeup with Confidence

Discover the world of men’s makeup and embrace the power to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence. Don’t let stereotypes hold you back – makeup is for everyone. Start by understanding your skin type, undertone, and the right makeup products for you. Whether you’re looking for subtle enhancements or bold transformations, the choice is yours. Learn the do’s and don’ts, pair with some exercise, and take the first step towards a more confident, polished you!


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