Can Software Engineers Work from Home: Thriving in Remote Work


A huge percentage of Software Engineers work from home these past few years. It’s a really appealing idea that many people want. Not only does it let you avoid the hassle of commuting, but it also frees up extra time and money. You’ll have more opportunities to hang out with your loved ones and pals. Plus, you get to decide where you want to work, whether it’s a cozy home office or a favorite coffee shop. This comprehensive guide is here to provide you with all the essential information about Software Engineers who work at home.

Can a Software Developer work from home?

Being one of the many Software Engineers who work from home comes with a cool bonus – the chance to work from wherever you want. We get to create computer programs, share them on platforms like Github, and team up with colleagues using the internet. Tools like Zoom and Slack make it easy for Software Engineers to chat and have virtual meetings. As long as you’ve got a good computer and reliable internet, you’re all set to enjoy the perks of remote work as a Software Engineer.

What is it like to work remotely as a Software Developer?

Many folks who work as a Software Engineer mention that they really like working from a distance for various explanations. One big reason is that you can stay at your house and also get to hang out with your family. However, there are some developers who feel a bit alone when they work from their houses. That’s why it’s a smart thought to search for a nice shared workspace or a café where you can use your laptop. This way, if you’re in the mood for some human interaction, you’ve got options!

How many percent of software jobs have a work-from-home setup?

Roughly 80% of the tasks Software Engineers take on can be done from far away. Before 2020, technology-related work was already a major source of jobs that could be done remotely. But, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, even more businesses started letting their employees work from a distance. A study done by a cloud hosting company called Digital Ocean discovered that one of the top reasons why Software Engineers decided to switch jobs or think about switching was because they wanted the option to work remotely or flexibly.

Nowadays, many companies give choices. You can either work entirely from wherever you want or have a mix. This mix, often called “hybrid-remote,” means you can spend some days working from a distance, but they also expect you to show up at the office sometimes.

How can you become a Software Developer?

Once you’ve grasped coding skills from online learning or a coding bootcamp, crafted your resume, and set up your LinkedIn profile, it’s time to dive into applying for jobs where you can work from a distance!

Get ready for a few rounds of talks. These might begin with a friendly discussion with a recruiter, followed by a coding task you can do when you’re free, and eventually a meeting with the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and/or the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Do salaries change for those working from home?

For remote workers, the money you earn is often more than what you’d get locally. This change is pretty common. In most cases, doing your job remotely has caused pay to go up, sometimes reaching the same level as the big tech hubs in each country. Let’s take an example: a company located in a city like San Francisco that offers remote work usually pays the same amount no matter where you’re living in the United States. This makes it tough for tech businesses in smaller cities to keep up, as they find it hard to match these higher salaries.

In the past, a tech company in a small town could set salaries based on what others were paid there. But now, things are different. They’re competing to find skilled people with big companies from places like San Francisco or New York City. Those big cities can usually afford to offer more money.

Consider the United Kingdom (UK). London has usually had the highest salaries for Software Developers. But today, as many companies in London have switched to remote work, a Software Developer in a city with lower salaries, like Glasgow, can earn a salary similar to what someone in London does. This is really cool because living costs are often lower in the smaller city.

Do remote working Software Engineers earn less?

Actually, in many situations, Software Engineers often get paid more for remote work. This happens because the salary isn’t tied to the living expenses of the place you’re in. Also, tech businesses that want the best Software Engineers are ready to spend more on their salaries.

The increase in remote work has, in a lot of cases, gotten rid of the old idea of how much a developer earns locally. Instead of only searching for jobs in your town or even your country, now you have the chance to find remote work that generally comes with better pay.

Will remote work ever be permanent?

Even though some managers and founders might not like the idea, it seems that working from a distance is here to stay in the working world. Software Engineering might be in a special spot for remote work to work well: the computer code can be made on computers, coworkers can collaborate using software like Slack or Zoom, and companies can get paid by customers through digital methods.

While some other industries had a tough time due to Covid, most tech companies saw their worth go up a lot as they got more customers. A bunch of these tech companies have also saved money by ditching offices and letting employees work from home. Others are choosing something in between: they’re renting spaces in shared offices, which is cheaper and more flexible than old-style office spaces.

There’s a shortage of Software Engineers all around the world. This gives the employees a lot of power. If someone likes working remotely and they’re told to go back to the office, they’ll probably find a different company that lets them work from home. They’d rather change hobs than forcing them to give up their preferred way of working. So, the companies are under a lot of pressure from Software Developers who are in demand, because these developers want remote work to stay.

It’s looking like remote work is going to be a lasting part of work. Maybe some companies will give choices. They might let developers work remotely for part of the week. After that, let them spend a day or two in the office each week.

Become a Software Engineer and experience the comfort of working from home

Discover the freedom to shape your own workspace, spend more quality time with loved ones, and boost your earning potential. The demand for skilled Software Engineers on the rise and the flexibility of remote work becoming a norm. So now is the time to seize your opportunity.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out, take charge of your career today. Tap into the advantages of remote work, and pave the way for a brighter professional journey. Embrace the shift, empower yourself, and embark on the path to success in the dynamic world of remote Software Engineering.


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