Highest Paying Agriculture Careers: Job Descriptions with Salary Guide


Agriculture has many different jobs where you can make good money. Nowadays, technology is used a lot in farming and other agricultural businesses, so there are more job options than ever. Whether you’re into science, technology, business, or management, you can find a satisfying career in agriculture. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the highest paying agriculture jobs to help you figure out if it’s the right career path for you.

What does it mean to have a career in agriculture?

Agricultural work involves growing, collecting, and making food like crops, dairy, and meat. There are lots of different jobs in agriculture. On a big farm, you might find jobs in managing the farm, doing technical work, helping customers, or doing physical labor.

Top Highest Paying Jobs in Agriculture

Below is a list of agriculture jobs and salaries that are considered well-paying and worth it.

Farm manager

Farm managers make about $61,169 a year on average. Their main job is to lead and supervise what happens on a farm. They tell the farm workers what to do, like planting and harvesting crops. Besides overseeing the work, they also handle money matters, buy things needed for the farm, and talk with suppliers and customers.


On average, foresters earn about $57,756 every year. They have important jobs in taking care of forests and land. These professionals do many things to keep the environment safe and healthy. They plan and do projects to protect nature, like watching over where animals live and how farming affects them, stopping forest fires, and doing tasks to save plants, animals, and farmland. Their work helps to protect wildlife, forests, and land used for farming, keeping everything in balance and safe for everyone.

Agricultural specialist

Agricultural specialists make about $55,289 each year. They are specially trained officers who work for Customs and Border Patrol. Their main job is to check that food and plants coming into the United States follow all the rules. These officers find and stop any problems with agricultural products before they can get into the country. They make sure everything is safe and follow the laws about bringing things into the United States.

Water treatment specialist

On average, water treatment specialists earn about $64,727 every year. Their main job is to oversee the setup and running of machines that clean water and remove impurities. They make sure that the water we drink and use is safe and works well. They also take care of how water is sent out to people and stored so that it stays clean and healthy for everyone.

Environmental scientist

Environmental scientists make about $63,119 each year. They have important jobs in keeping the environment safe. These scientists use their knowledge of nature and different sciences to protect the Earth. They help clean up places that are dirty, speak up for where animals live, and study ways to farm that won’t hurt the environment. Their work helps to keep the Earth healthy and safe for plants, animals, and people.

Food technologist

On average, food technologists earn about $68,877 each year. They have important jobs in making sure our food is safe to eat. These professionals study what’s in our food using different sciences. They figure out the best ways for companies to make, wrap, and send food to stores so it stays fresh and good to eat. Their work helps make sure we can trust the food we buy and eat, keeping us healthy and happy.

Agronomy manager

Agronomy managers earn about $81,811 every year. They have important jobs in helping farmers and other food growers. These professionals are like salespeople and managers. They give advice and sell things that help crops grow well, like fertilizers, seeds, and things to make the soil healthy. Their work is to make sure farmers have what they need to grow lots of healthy food. They give advice and support to help farmers succeed, making sure we all have enough food to eat.

Water resources engineer

On average, water resource engineers earn about $65,272 every year. They ensure we have clean water to drink. These engineers design new systems and machines to help manage water. They make sure these systems give communities clean water, and they check and make them better so they work well. Their work helps make sure we all have enough clean water for drinking and other things we need it for, like cooking and washing.

Operations manager

Operations managers in agriculture earn about $71,166 each year. They’re responsible for making sure farms and other agricultural places run smoothly. These professionals are like bosses who plan and organize everything that happens on the farm. They lead and watch over workers as they plant, fertilize, pick, and move crops and other farm products. Their work helps make sure farms produce lots of food and other things we need, keeping everything running smoothly.


On average, growers or farmers earn about $62,218 each year. These professionals plant seeds, take care of plants as they grow, and pick crops when they’re ready. They also make sure the crops are healthy and safe to eat or use for animal food and medicine. Growers look after farms and watch over crops to stop diseases and make sure they have the right food to grow well. Their work helps make sure we have plenty of healthy food and other products.

Choose from High Paying Jobs in Agriculture Today

Are you interested in a fulfilling career where you can make a difference while earning a good salary? Explore the diverse opportunities in agriculture today! From managing farms to protecting the environment, there’s a job for everyone. Start your journey towards a rewarding career in agriculture now!


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