Working at a Country Club: Everything You Need to Know


Working at a country club can be a fun way to make money. There are lots of different jobs you can do, so you’ll probably find one you like. But before you start, it’s good to know what it’s really like. Here, we’ve got some answers to common questions to help you get ready.

How old do you have to be to work at a country club, and is a HS diploma required?

If you want to know how to work at a country club, be aware that the level of schooling you need depends on the job and the club itself. For some positions, like management or technical jobs, you might need a high school diploma or something similar. But don’t worry if you don’t have one, because there are still plenty of jobs you can do without it.

Every club has its own rules, so there’s no set age for working there. The youngest workers are often caddies, some as young as 14. Busboys can also be pretty young. But for jobs like cooking or driving, people are usually older. Bartenders and servers usually need to be 18 or 21 because they serve alcohol, which is the law in most places.

Pros and Cons of Working at a Country Club

Thinking about working at a country club? Here’s a rundown of the good and bad sides to help you decide!


Multiple Job Options

There are lots of things you can do at a country club. The type of work you do depends on what the club offers. Some examples include clearing tables, serving drinks, washing dishes, waiting on guests, helping golfers, cooking, chopping ingredients, driving vehicles, parking cars, and carrying golf bags, each with its own tasks and challenges.

Upscale Work Environment

Working at a country club is a special chance to be in a fancy place with top-notch amenities. These clubs are super fancy and only for certain people who pay a lot to be members. They expect the best service, like perfect golf courses, fancy food, and relaxing spa treatments. The clubs get even fancier during weddings and parties. Workers help keep everything perfect and luxurious, from the decor to the atmosphere. It’s a chance to meet rich and fancy people and learn how to give great service in a classy place.

Networking Opportunities

Country clubs offer more than just fancy workplaces. They’re great for meeting important and rich people, which can help your career. Here’s why networking at a country club is so useful:

  • Meeting influential people can lead to career boosts.
  • Building relationships there can open doors to better jobs.
  • The mix of people can give you fresh job ideas and insider knowledge.
  • It expands your social and professional circles, making life richer.
  • You might even find new business opportunities by talking to industry leaders.


High Expectations

Country club members have lots of different wants and needs, so the staff have to be ready for anything. They need to be good at handling complaints and making unhappy members happy again. It’s all about showing how committed the club is to being top-notch.

Demanding Work Schedule

Working at country clubs can be tough because of the crazy hours. Employees often have to work weekends and long shifts, especially when it’s busy. This can make it hard to have a balanced life, especially during the busiest times. Here’s what makes the schedule tough:

  • Hours change a lot based on events and what members need.
  • Busy times mean lots of weekends and extra hours.
  • Work goes up and down with the seasons, making schedules unpredictable.
  • There’s a lot of pressure to meet high standards and keep members happy.
  • Good time management is key to staying happy with the job.

Poor Career Advancement

Getting ahead at a country club can be tough. The way things are set up, it’s more about how long you’ve been there than how good you are. This can make it hard for people to stay motivated and feel like they’re growing in their jobs. Since there aren’t always chances to learn and get better at what you do, it’s important for employees to try to grow in different ways, not just in their regular jobs.

Tips When You Start Working at a Country Club

Starting a job at a country club can be exciting and challenging, so here are some helpful tips to guide you through the experience.

Arrive on time

Working at a country club means getting up early, especially when it’s hot outside. Being on time is super important, whether you’re opening the snack bar, loading the drink cart, or caddying, so customers don’t have to wait. You want to make a good impression and earn the respect of the members. It’s also essential to wear the right uniform and look neat. Rushing and showing up in wrinkled clothes or stained shirts isn’t a good look, so take a moment to make sure you look your best.

Familiarize yourself with the members

Being friendly and outgoing is key when you work at a country club. You’ll talk to members, coworkers, and guests, and how you act can really affect how your day goes. Remember, the members are paying a lot to be there, so they want top-notch service. It’s a good idea to know their names and say hi when you see them, and if you can, chat with them about what they’re doing that day or what’s new since you last saw them.

Stay busy and hustle hard

If you’re aiming for a promotion or want to make more money, keeping busy is key. If you notice things getting slow, don’t hesitate to take on extra jobs, especially on rainy days. You could tidy up storage areas or clean out the fridge. The more you do, the more your manager will see your hard work.

Expand your network

Sometimes, the golf course is where great business deals are made, and it’s also a place for networking. Even if you’re not playing golf or hanging out by the pool, you’ll meet members from all walks of life. They could be basketball pros, brain surgeons, or tech experts. These folks might hook you up with cool internships or job chances, and sometimes, they might even share free tickets to exciting games!

Know What it’s Like to Work at a Country Club

Whether you’re curious about job requirements or weighing the pros and cons, we’ve got you covered with essential insights. From understanding age requirements to navigating the upscale environment, our guide breaks down what you need to know. Follow our tips for success and secure a job at a country club!


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