Empowering Professional Development Activities for Teachers & Administrators


As you embark on your professional growth journey, you have various opportunities to enhance your skills and expand your knowledge as a teacher or school administrator. Take a moment to consider the range of professional development activities for teachers available to you. You can dive into insightful professional journals, experiment with new instructional practices in your classroom, and even join esteemed professional organizations. The following list presents a plethora of professional development ideas for teachers that you can undertake individually or collaboratively, aligning with your personalized professional development plan.

Fun Professional Development Activities for Teachers

It’s worth noting that while traditional approaches to professional development focused on individual growth, workshops, inservice sessions, and external delivery systems, the current teacher professional development ideas highlight the significance of school-based activities. These include engaging in coaching relationships, fostering partnerships, and nurturing team and group development. By embracing these modern strategies, you can foster a supportive and collaborative environment that cultivates your professional growth.

Action Research

As you embark on your journey of action research, you delve into the realm of improving your current educational practices. You start by posing the question of how you can enhance your teaching or leadership methods. Next, you immerse yourself in the relevant literature and research, carefully selecting an approach that holds the potential to elevate your current practices.

As an educator, you have the privilege of utilizing your own classroom as a research site. Imagine the possibilities! You can experiment with various teaching techniques, presenting a concept in different ways to gauge the impact on student learning. By observing the outcomes, you gain valuable insights into which approach yields the most favorable results. Additionally, you can explore different strategies to facilitate cooperative learning among your students, analyzing the effectiveness of each method.

If you’re an administrator, action research becomes an invaluable tool to address leadership-related challenges in your school. This reflective strategy empowers you to collect both qualitative and quantitative data, which serve as a foundation for enhancing your practices. By engaging in action research, you can cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and make informed decisions to optimize your leadership role within the school community.

Book Study

As you embark on your professional growth journey, consider the valuable opportunity of engaging in book study groups. Regardless of your role in education, book studies can serve as an effective form of professional development. To ensure a fruitful experience, it’s ideal to join a group where participants share similar skills and interests. However, embracing diverse viewpoints is equally important, as it injects a valuable diversity of opinions and enlivens discussions.

As you establish your book study group, one of the first tasks is to collectively decide on a schedule for reading and discussion. If you plan for a series of four to eight meetings, it is recommended that each meeting spans between 60 and 90 minutes. When selecting a book for the study, choose a topic that genuinely interests every member of the group. Opt for a book that encourages open-ended exploration and promotes new learning through reading and discussion. The selected book should be thought-provoking, possessing enough depth to stimulate engaging debates and conversations.

Classroom/School Visitation

As a school administrator, you too can reap the benefits of visiting other schools within your jurisdiction or even in different jurisdictions. By exploring these different educational settings, you can observe the facilities, delve into alternative approaches for organizing resources, and engage in fruitful discussions regarding leadership strategies with the hosting school administrator.

When it comes to classroom and school visitations, the duration can vary based on your needs and preferences. You may opt for a single day visit, or you might embark on an extended visitation lasting up to two weeks. Alternatively, you can plan for multiple visits spread out over a period of time, allowing for deeper immersion and ongoing learning.

Collaborative Curriculum Development

Delve deeply into your subject matter alongside your fellow teachers, unlocking a world of possibilities. Through collective effort, you can embark on designing fresh planning materials, innovative teaching methods, comprehensive resource materials, and effective assessment tools.

By working collaboratively, you tap into the collective wisdom and expertise of your colleagues. Together, you can bring forth new perspectives, insights, and approaches that go beyond what any one individual could achieve alone. This collaborative synergy allows for a more comprehensive and well-rounded curriculum development process.

Conference Audio Tapes

These resources serve as a gateway to learning new ideas and insights from esteemed experts in the field. Even if you cannot physically be present at the conference, you can still benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared by these knowledgeable individuals.

Organizations understand the importance of accessibility and provide various formats for accessing conference information. You’ll find sessions or proceedings conveniently available through audio cassettes, CD-ROMs, and modern MP3s. This diverse range of options ensures that you can select the format that suits your preferences and allows you to engage with the content effectively.

Community/Service Organizations

You may find value in engaging with your local church, where you can not only contribute to the community but also develop your leadership abilities. Service clubs provide another avenue for growth, allowing you to actively participate in projects that benefit those in need while honing your leadership skills. Organizations like 4-H, Scouts, and Girl Guides offer a platform for both personal and professional development, fostering leadership qualities in a supportive and engaging environment. Additionally, sporting groups can provide valuable opportunities for collaboration, teamwork, and leadership growth.

By immersing yourself in these community and service organizations, you gain firsthand knowledge about your community, its needs, and the broader context in which you work. This understanding allows you to better align your role as a teacher or school administrator with the goals and aspirations of the community you serve.

Foster Your Professional Development

By engaging in these diverse activities, you enrich your teaching practices, foster a collaborative learning environment, and develop leadership skills that extend beyond the classroom. Embrace the power of collective wisdom, engaging in thoughtful discussions, and expanding your horizons through exposure to new ideas and perspectives. Reflect on your experiences, constantly seeking ways to improve and refine your craft.

So, step forward with confidence, passion, and a hunger for knowledge. Embrace the multitude of opportunities available to you and unlock your full potential as an educator. The world awaits your unique contributions, and the impact you make will resonate far beyond the confines of the classroom. Embrace the journey and let your professional growth soar to new heights.


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