Junior Accountant: Free Template of Job Roles & Responsibilities


A junior accountant, also known as an entry-level accountant, is a professional who handles the basic financial and accounting tasks of a company. They mostly focus on creating and organizing financial documents like statements and reports, as well as putting together balance sheets. Below is a template of a junior accountant’s job description.

What does a Junior Accountant do?

Junior Accountants are financial experts who are just starting their careers in accounting. They usually work under the guidance of an Accountant in a company. Their job is to help manage everyday money matters to keep the business financially healthy. They work closely with managers and other team leaders to plan budgets that suit each department and the whole company.

A Junior Accountant checks the company’s financial rules and procedures to make sure it follows state and federal laws. If there are any questions or issues about money owed or received, the Junior Accountant deals with them and tries to fix the problem. They also create monthly financial reports showing how much money the company has made or lost, and its overall financial situation.

Job Brief

We’re searching for a motivated Junior Accountant to help out with everyday accounting duties in our financial department. You’ll be part of a team making sure our company’s finances are clear and organized.

Your main tasks will involve making financial statements and reports. We need someone who knows a lot about accounting, can work well with numbers, and pays attention to details.

Our aim is to make our department run smoothly and help our company know exactly how it’s doing financially. That way, we can make good decisions and succeed in the long run.

Junior Accountant Job Roles and Responsibilities

Junior Accountants help senior accounting managers and other experienced accountants in the office. They play a crucial role in the team and help solve problems early on. Here are the main duties of a junior accountant:

  • Keeping track of money owed to the company, organizing bills and related paperwork
  • Managing money the company owes to others, making sure bills are paid on time, checking if debts are correct, and getting necessary signatures
  • Using accounting software to keep financial records up-to-date
  • Collecting information about employee pay and entering it correctly
  • Helping senior managers make plans for spending money over three-month periods
  • Looking at financial documents to understand the company’s financial health and making balance sheets.

Junior Accountant Skills and Qualifications

The abilities and requirements for Junior Accountants are:

  • Paying attention to details: Junior Accountants need to carefully check accounts for any mistakes or differences. They have to be good at spotting even small errors because wrong information can mess up budgets and reporting.
  • Solving problems: Junior Accountants work with other accountants and bosses. If they find a problem, they need to figure out how to fix it. Checking accounts means comparing different reports and numbers. Finding mistakes and fixing them is easier when you can spot the problem immediately.
  • Using technology: Junior Accountants should be comfortable using computers and software. They often use accounting software, spreadsheets, and email. Knowing how to use these programs well helps Junior Accountants do their job.
  • Communication: Junior Accountants talk to lots of different people. They need to be able to explain things clearly, whether on the phone, in emails, or in meetings. Being a good communicator helps Junior Accountants work well with others.

Education and Training Requirements

Junior Accountants usually have a bachelor’s degree or a certification in accounting or finance. Most employers require a bachelor’s degree, but getting additional certifications like CPA or CFO can help them move up in their careers later on.

Experience Requirements

Junior accountant jobs usually require a bachelor’s degree, but having experience can make promotions come faster and help understand the job better. Some companies prefer years of experience, while others offer training on the job.

Salary Expectations

A Junior Accountant typically earns around $48,477 every year. However, the exact amount they earn can vary based on factors such as experience, education level, and previous work. It’s important to keep in mind that, while $48,477 is the average salary for a junior accountant, individual salaries can be higher or lower depending on the factors mentioned above.

Follow this Free Template for Junior Accountant’s Job Roles & Responsibilities

Find the right employee with our free template! The simple job brief, job roles, and responsibilities can encourage the right people to apply and join your team. We have also provided the salary expectations and experience required so that it’ll be easier for you to determine the right person for the job.


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