Executive Assistant Job: What You Need to Become One

how to be an executive assistant

To become an executive assistant, you need to know what the job involves and the skills you’ll need. Executive assistants are really important in helping top leaders and companies do well, which can make it a satisfying job.

What’s good about being an executive assistant?

Being an executive assistant comes with lots of good things that make the job fulfilling. Here are some benefits you’ll enjoy:

1. Working close to important people

You’ll get to work directly with company leaders. This gives you special access to their ideas and how they make decisions. You can learn a lot from these experienced professionals.

2. Doing lots of different things

Executive assistants have many tasks, like managing schedules, planning meetings, and helping with big projects. Every day brings something new, which keeps the job interesting.

3. Having important responsibilities

Executives trust their assistants with important tasks and decisions. This shows that the job is valued and gives assistants a chance to make a real difference.

4. Getting good pay and benefits

In the US, executive assistants usually earn around $65,000 a year. They often get benefits like health insurance and retirement plans.

5. Meeting lots of people

Executive assistants work with different teams and clients, so they build a big network. This network can help them find new opportunities and grow in their careers.

Are there downsides to this career?

While being an executive assistant has its perks, there are also some tough parts to think about. Here are the challenges you might face:

1. Lots of pressure

Managing busy schedules and being ready for emergencies can be stressful. If you don’t balance work and personal life well, you might feel burned out.

2. Keeping secrets

Executive assistants handle confidential info and need to be super careful not to share anything they shouldn’t. If they mess up, it can cause big problems for them and the company.

3. Lots to do, all at once

Executive assistants have to do many things at the same time and pay close attention to detail. Mistakes in this fast-paced job can have serious consequences.

4. Not always getting credit

Even though executive assistants do important work, they might not always get recognized for it. But they find satisfaction in knowing they’re making a difference.

5. Slow career growth

Moving up in this job might take longer than in other careers. But the skills they learn can help them switch to other jobs later on.

What’s the career outlook of executive assistants

Executive assistants are super important in helping top executives and businesses run smoothly. Even though the job market for executive assistants might go up and down, the future still looks bright for people in this career.

Job trends

Experts think there might be about a 21.1% drop in the number of executive assistant jobs from 2022 to 2032. That could mean about 108,100 fewer jobs in this field. But, it’s not all bad news. It depends on things like what industries need, and how the job itself might change over time.


Executive assistants usually make good money for all the work they do. In 2022, the average yearly salary was about $65,980, but some folks make even more than that. How much you make can depend on stuff like how much experience you have, where you work, and what the job market is like.


You don’t always need a fancy degree to become an executive assistant, but having a background in business or communication can be helpful. Most people start in basic admin jobs and work their way up. Being good at organizing stuff, solving problems, and using computer programs is key.

Work environment

Executive assistants spend their days helping out top bosses and keeping things running smoothly. They do things like managing schedules, setting up meetings, and handling important info with care. While it can be a busy and sometimes stressful job, many enjoy the freedom, respect, and chances to move up.

Even though there might be fewer executive assistant jobs in the future, it’s still a good career choice. With the right skills and attitude, you can do well in this role and make a big difference in the business world.

What are the requirements for being an executive assistant?

It’s important for folks who want to be executive assistants to understand what the job requires. While you don’t always need a specific college degree, having a background in business or communication can be helpful. Even if you studied something like liberal arts that focuses on communication and thinking skills, it can give you an advantage.

In this field, having experience is often more important than having a fancy degree. Many successful executive assistants start in basic office jobs, like being an office manager or personal assistant, and work their way up. Being good at organizing things, solving problems, and being reliable is super important.

Being good with technology is also important. You need to know how to use office software, project management tools, and communication platforms to get things done quickly. Having good writing and speaking skills is crucial for talking to executives and other important people.

How do you become one?

Now that we know what it takes to be an executive assistant, let’s look at the steps to get there.

1. Get experience

Start by getting entry-level jobs in offices to learn and gain experience. Jobs like office assistant or administrative assistant are great places to start.

2. Build skills

Focus on getting better at things like organizing, doing many tasks at once, communicating well, and solving problems. Learn how to use office software and tools for managing projects. You can also take online classes or get certifications to improve your skills.

3. Connect with people

Networking is really important in this field. Meet and connect with professionals in your industry by going to events or joining online groups. Platforms like LinkedIn can help you make valuable connections and learn more about the field.

4. Make a great resume

Create a resume that shows off your experience, skills, and achievements. Highlight how good you are at handling different tasks, keeping things private, and helping important people.

5. Apply for jobs

Look for executive assistant job openings on websites and through people you know. Write a cover letter for each application that shows you understand the job and how your skills fit what the company needs.

6. Get ready for interviews

Prepare for interviews by thinking about times when you helped important people and did hard tasks. Show how excited you are about the job and how committed you are to being a great assistant. 

An executive assistant is a good career option

To become an executive assistant, you need skills, experience, and connections. Even though it has challenges, it’s a rewarding job. You do different things every day, work closely with important people, and earn a good salary. If you’re organized, can adapt easily, and like a busy environment, being an executive assistant could be for you. With hard work, you can succeed and enjoy the job.


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