The Highest Paying Jobs for Teens: A Chance to Earn While They Learn


Not every job demands a college degree, and there are opportunities available without age barriers. Young individuals between the ages of 16 and 19 might find themselves inclined to explore part-time job options for various reasons and benefits. It could be about earning pocket money, setting aside funds for a significant purchase, or even contributing to their future college expenses. For teenagers who are still in school, discovering the highest paying jobs for teens is often the crucial first stride into the world of work.

As a teen, they might not always require a long list of skills or prior work experience to secure a job. While there are certain limitations on the tasks teenagers of different ages can undertake, there exists a realm of well-paying part-time positions if you’re aware of where to search. Listed below are a few examples of high paying jobs for teens to help your teenager get started.

Kennel assistants ($11/hr)

Animal care helpers look after pets at animal hospitals and places where animals without homes live. If your teenager takes up this role, they’ll be in charge of cleaning the living spaces for animals, giving them food, making sure they’re clean by bathing them, and taking dogs for walks. This job requires a kind and loving nature, as well as enough physical strength to pick up and carry things like boxes and crates.

Barista ($12/hr)

If your teenager becomes a barista, they will have the job of making coffee and other drinks like lattes, macchiatos, and cappuccinos for people who come to the café. Besides the money they get for each hour they work, they might also receive extra money as tips from happy customers.

Cashier ($13.38/hr)

The main task of a cashier is to scan the items that customers want to buy and finish the process of checking out. This includes checking prices, putting items in bags, checking coupons or gift cards, taking cash or processing card payments, and giving back change when needed.

Hotel housekeeping ($14/hr)

For your teenager to work as a hotel housekeeper, they need to be 16 years old. If they take up this job, they’ll be in charge of tasks like fixing the beds, tidying up rooms, changing towels and things like soap and shampoo, and using a vacuum to clean the floors. Sometimes, they might also need to make the lobby and meeting rooms look nice and clean.

Lifeguard ($14.25/hr)

Lifeguards do more than just keep watch – they also help teach people how to swim better. They keep a careful eye on the water to spot any problems, and if someone needs help, they’re quick to respond. They’re like real-life heroes, rescuing swimmers and giving first aid when needed. Being a strong swimmer is really important for lifeguards to do their job well.

Babysitter ($15/hr)

The secret is having connections with families in your local area who have children. Once your teenager builds a good reputation, parents will prefer to choose them as their trusted babysitter. And the best part is, babysitting hours usually match well with a typical teenager’s daily routine. So, it’s a way to help out and earn while keeping a schedule that works for them!

Server ($15.38/hr)

Servers listen to what customers want to eat and drink, then they tell the cooks in the kitchen. When the food is ready, they bring it to the table and make sure everyone’s glasses are filled. They also take the money when it’s time to pay. After someone finishes eating, servers clear the tables and make them neat again for new people. And when the day is done, they might even lend a hand in cleaning up the place. It’s a busy job, but it helps make sure everyone has a nice time eating out.

Landscaper ($16.77/hr)

The highest paying jobs for 16 year olds is landscaping. A landscape worker has a lot of different tasks they can do. They might cut the grass, make hedges neat, give water to plants, and take out weeds. Depending on where they work, they could also take care of fake grass (like Astroturf), and keep fences, fountains, and bushes looking good.

Tutor (17/hr)

If your teenager excels in a specific school subject and is skilled at teaching it clearly, tutoring can be a rewarding way to earn money. They don’t need to find a job with a big company – there are lots of websites where they can offer online tutoring. This means they can help others learn right from the comfort of home. It’s a great opportunity to share knowledge and earn at the same time!

Delivery driver ($17.68/hr)

The role of a delivery driver involves bringing orders to customers, which can range from fast food to retail purchases. Their tasks include checking orders before and after delivery, taking payments, offering great customer service, managing any concerns, and keeping track of delivery-related paperwork like receipts and delivery notes.

Video editor ($22/hr)

If your teenager works from their house on tasks for people, they can begin when they’re just 14 years old. As one of the high paying jobs for teens, the better they’re at it, the more money they can earn. Your teenager can improve their editing abilities by taking a course to learn how to edit videos on the internet. This could make their work even better and help them earn more.

Web designer ($22/hr)

Creating websites is one of the best paying jobs for teens, and it’s not just for young people. There are many courses available for free on the internet that can help your teenager begin. After that, they can search for people who need their skills for separate projects. Websites like Upwork are useful for finding freelance tasks. The good thing is that your teenager can do this job right from home as well.

Choose the Highest Paying Jobs for Teens with Our List

Help your kids explore the world of work and start earning today! Find exciting part-time jobs that match your teen’s skills and interests, instead of playing video games all day long. Whether it’s caring for animals, serving customers, or creating digital content, there’s a perfect opportunity waiting for them. Help your child take the first step towards independence and success now!


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