Finding Good Pets for Kids: A Guide to Kid-Friendly Companions


As numerous grown-ups already understand, taking care of a pet brings immense joy and satisfaction. Moreover, when you adopt a pet that your child can assist in caring for, it becomes an enriching experience for them. Like with any pet, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the pet’s care needs when searching for good pets for kids.

In the process of selecting the best pets for kids, it becomes essential for everyone in the family to be in agreement. Each family member should be ready to actively contribute to the pet’s care. Equally important is your own comfort level with the chosen pet. For instance, if you have an extreme fear of snakes, they may not be the most suitable pets for your kids, even if your children have set their hearts on having one.

Considerations When Choosing Pets for Kids

Wondering how to find the perfect match for your family? Well, here’s a great suggestion: schedule a consultation with a veterinarian who specializes in the care of the specific species you have in mind.

During the appointment, share a list of the animals you are interested in. This will help you have a detailed discussion about each one and figure out the best pet that suits your family. To make the right decision, consider various factors, such as:

  • Lifespan: Kids often get attached to their pets, so consider your child’s emotional bond. Longer-lived pets might mean you’ll be the sole caregiver when your child leaves for college or work.
  • Space Needs: Make sure you have enough room for your chosen pet, considering both their current size and their full adult size.
  • Care Requirements: Consult your veterinarian about the care needs of the pets you’re considering. Can your family manage the pet care tasks? Are you financially ready to care for them?
  • Health Care Costs: All pets need veterinary care, so ensure there’s a vet nearby who can help. Exotic pets might require specialized veterinarians.
  • Interactions: Understand what kind of interaction your child wants with their pet. Some kids prefer playing and being hands-on, while others may like a unique pet with less physical contact.
  • Activity Schedule: Know if your potential pet is active during the day or night, as it can impact where you place their enclosure.
  • Child’s Personality: Consider your child’s temperament. Can they handle a delicate pet and respect its needs?
  • Lost Interest: Plan ahead for what you’ll do if your child loses interest in the pet. Never let an animal suffer. Be ready to take full responsibility for their care or find them a loving new home.

Best Pets for Children Ages 4-7

Parakeets are famous for their affectionate nature, and they love being gently handled regularly. With some training, they can learn numerous words, making it a fun and unique experience for your child to interact with them.

Crested Geckos, on the other hand, can also be handled, but it’s important to teach your child to be gentle with them. These little creatures may have some quirky characteristics, and it will take about three to four weeks for a young crested gecko to get used to their new environment before they can be conditioned for handling.

Best Pets for Kids Ages 8-11

Consider rats as unique and wonderful pets for kids, even though they may not be your first choice. Rats are popular for their affectionate nature and strong bond with their owners. They are gentle and resilient creatures, making them suitable companions. Owning a pet rat can teach older children about schedules and responsibilities, as they can have a daily task of feeding the rat before heading to school.

For kids who enjoy observing more than interacting, canaries and finches can be excellent choices. While with patience, canaries can be taught to perch on a finger, most finches prefer minimal handling. So, your child will have the opportunity to observe and enjoy their finches’ company without much physical interaction.

Guinea pigs are delightful pets known for their fondness for humans. They genuinely enjoy being in our company and love to interact and play. When you hold them in your lap, they remain calm and content, showing their excitement through adorable vocalizations when their favorite human is nearby.

Best Pets for Kids Ages 12-15

Rabbits are though to be low-maintenance pets, but in reality, they are better  for older children who understand the responsibility of caring for onne. These social creatures crave attention from their owners and demand significant time and care commitment.

Cats and dogs are common and beloved pets, but they come with substantial responsibilities in terms of time, money, and care. Children can take on various care tasks for these pets. Younger kids can handle tasks like providing fresh food and water, washing towels and bedding, while older kids (tweens and teens) can take dogs for walks, change cat litter, and even assist with teeth brushing.

For kids seeking a reptile that they can actively engage with, Bearded Dragons are an excellent choice. These reptiles enjoy being held and handled. Older children can play an active role in caring for their Bearded Dragon, from feeding and cleaning to socializing and providing enrichment activities.

Corn Snakes make fantastic reptile pets, especially for older children. As they grow between 2.5 to 5 feet, you must adjust their terrarium size accordingly. The best part is that these snakes are quite tolerant of touch, making them ideal starter reptiles for kids. In terms of feeding, it’s important to note that Corn Snakes require rodents as their food source. However, to ensure the safety of your pet snake, the rodents should be frozen or just recently died. Feeding live mice can pose a risk of injury to the snake, so it’s best to avoid this practice.

Choose Easy Pets for Kids Based on Their Age for Proper Task Delegation

Choosing the right pet for your child is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. Understanding your child’s needs and preferences and considering the unique characteristics of each pet, you can find the perfect companion that will bring joy and enrichment to your child’s life. Remember, a well-chosen pet can be a loving and loyal friend for years to come.


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