Discover 8 Sustainable Skincare Brands for Better Skincare Routine


Discover the beauty of eco-friendly skincare, where sustainable skincare brands prioritize your skin and the planet. Free from harmful chemicals and most plastics, these products embrace natural, organic, and ethically sourced ingredients, allowing your skin to thrive. Thoughtful packaging not only shields your environment-conscious choices but also contributes to reducing the beauty industry’s massive annual production of 120 billion plastic units. Dive into our article to unveil our vetted selection of the most eco-friendly skincare brands, proving that caring for your skin can also mean caring for the Earth.

Some of the best sustainable skincare brands

Are you ready to transform your skin without harming our planet? Below are the best eco-friendly skincare brands you will love:


Wildling is committed to natural and sustainable skincare, sourcing ingredients from family-owned organic and biodynamic farms, as well as seasonal foraging trips. These carefully harvested ingredients are chosen for their proven ability to rejuvenate skin and promote radiant health. The products are crafted in small batches and packaged in recyclable, reusable glass, while shipping materials are both biodegradable and compostable. With every purchase, Wildling contributes to tree planting initiatives, having already planted over 15,000 trees through the Arbor Day Foundation. Additionally, the brand supports Hate is A Virus through donations, showcasing a commitment to both environmental and social responsibility.

Andrea’s Organic Market

Andrea’s Organic Market offers a range of cold-pressed natural products, including shampoo, bath salts, tea, honey, and culinary delights. The shop, founded by a dedicated “label reader,” exclusively uses non-toxic herb-based formulations in its handmade products from Indiana, all free of palm oil. Some ingredients are sourced through Fair Trade, and the entire product line is packaged in environmentally friendly glass bottles with aluminum lids. Customers have the option to choose a plastic pump for select items on their initial order.

Flawless Beauty Store

Charmaine, the founder of Flawless Beauty Store, began the company out of a passion for animals and nature. The initial focus on sustainable, vegan makeup brushes expanded to include biodegradable glitter, all PETA-approved. Despite significant growth, the entire product line is still handcrafted in North Wales, allowing the shop to maintain control over ingredients and quality. Emphasizing sustainability, the store employs reusable, recyclable, and recycled materials like glass jars or bottles and aluminum tins for its skincare packaging.


Ethique, initially from New Zealand, has become a worldwide household name, renowned for plastic-free sustainable skincare and zero-waste shampoo, conditioners, and cleaning products. As a Certified B Corp, they prioritize sustainably produced, minimally processed ingredients, often sourced through direct trade for improved compensation and partnerships with farmers and workers. Ethique is climate-positive, offsetting 120% of their carbon emissions and planting a tree for each order. Furthermore, 2% of all sales contribute to organizations supporting conservation, animal welfare, and the environment.

Meow Meow Tweet

Meow Meow Tweet adopts a slow-food approach to skincare, creating preservative-free small-batch products in a California microfactory, aiming for freshness. The brand holds certifications as a Certified B Corporation, Climate Neutral, Leaping Bunny, and Plastic Negative. Their products, often in refillable or conscious packaging like glass bottles or aluminum, feature recycled, recyclable, and compostable boxes. While addressing the challenge of plastic spray nozzles and pumps, the company allows customers to return them post-use for recycling with TerraCycle.

Additionally, they collaborate with rePurpose Global to offset their plastic use. Demonstrating social responsibility, Meow Meow Tweet donates to a new small, grassroots, BIPOC- or queer-led organization every month.

My Valley Mist Smile

My Valley Mist Smile, a UK-based sustainable skincare brand, is driven by a commitment to ethical and natural skincare. Founded by Jo, the brand aims to facilitate a zero-waste lifestyle by offering products in reusable and recyclable glass jars and bottles, with optional droppers. Certain purchases, including gift sets, contribute to donations for organizations like the World Land Trust. For those in the UK, the brand also has a physical store in Leyland, Lancashire, providing a local touch to their sustainable offerings.

Tap Tap Organics

Tap Tap Organics stands out as one of Costa Rica’s few sustainable skincare companies, uniquely sourcing a key ingredient: wild-harvested, virgin coconut oil from Costa Rica. They are the exclusive skincare brand utilizing this sustainably sourced coconut oil. Most ingredients are sourced locally or from Central and South America, with manufacturing taking place in San Francisco.

The brand emphasizes sustainability by offering reusable and recyclable glass jars or bottles through their take-back program, while shipping materials are either reusable, recyclable, or compostable. As part of their commitment to social responsibility, Tap Tap Organics regularly donates to organizations like the 5 Minute Foundation and BLM.

One Ocean Beauty

One Ocean Beauty seamlessly blends science and nature in its formulations, incorporating sustainably sourced marine ingredients. Emphasizing the use of Blue Biotechnology, they produce the ingredients. So they don’t harvest the ingredients to conserve natural resources. Natural molecules from marine organisms are obtained and replicated through biofermentation in a lab setting. The brand adheres to Credo’s ‘Dirty List,’ ensuring products are free from harmful toxins like PEGs, phthalates, sulfates, GMOs, and synthetic fragrances.

Backed by a Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free certification, they ship the products in 100% recyclable materials. One Ocean Beauty maintains a longstanding charitable relationship with Oceana. They also previously partnered with Sea Trees, showcasing their commitment beyond sales and profits.

Embrace Environmentally-Friendly Skincare Brands

Embrace a radiant and eco-friendly skincare routine that nurtures both your skin and the planet. Dive into a curated selection of sustainable skincare brands, prioritizing natural, organic ingredients and ethical practices. So discover the joy of plastic-free packaging, reusable materials, and charitable initiatives. Make a conscious choice to transform your skincare regimen while contributing to a healthier Earth. Explore the beauty of sustainability today.


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