15 Staycation Ideas for Singles: How to Enjoy a Solo Vacation at Home

staycation ideas for singles

In recent years, the concept of “staycationing,” or vacationing without leaving your home or staying inside a hotel, has gained popularity among singles. This trend is fueled by an increasing recognition of the benefits of spending time alone, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Embracing solitude on a staycation offers a unique opportunity to enjoy one’s own company, free from external stress and distractions.

There are a lot of advantages to spending a staycation by yourself. It provides a chance to engage in self-reflection, pursue personal interests, and simply relax in a familiar environment. Moreover, research has shown that taking a break from our regular routines and indulging in staycations once in a while can significantly boost our mental health and overall well-being.

The Best Staycation Ideas for Singles

If you’re considering a staycation, there are countless ways to make your time at home or at a hotel feel like a real getaway. These are 15 staycation suggestions for single people, each providing a distinct experience. There is a staycation idea here for everyone, whether your goal is to unwind, discover something new, or simply change things up.

Home-based Holiday Party

Transform your home into a cultural hub. Pick a nation you have always desired to travel to, like Italy. Decorate your home with Italian-themed decor like miniature Leaning Tower of Pisa or Colosseum replicas. Play traditional Italian music and don a Venetian mask. You could watch Italian movies, read about the country’s history, and even attempt to speak a few phrases in Italian. You will get the impression of traveling without ever leaving your house, thanks to this immersive experience.

Exotic Cooking Experience

Turn your kitchen into a global culinary stage. Choose a different country each day of your staycation and cook a traditional dish from that region. You could make sushi from Japan, paella from Spain, or a hearty shepherd’s pie from England. This will give you more cooking skills in addition to a culinary exploration of various cultures.

At-home Spa Day

Create your own wellness sanctuary. Start with a DIY facial using kitchen ingredients like turmeric, honey, or oats. Then draw a relaxing bath with lavender or chamomile essential oils. End your spa day with a self-massage using aromatic oils. Turn on some calming music, light some candles, and watch your house become a peaceful sanctuary.

Unplugged Relaxation Time

Designate a ‘no electronics’ day. Rediscover hobbies like painting or gardening. You could also try meditation or yoga, or simply enjoy the quiet with a cup of tea by the window. This digital detox will help you slow down and reconnect with yourself.

Reading Adventure

Gather soft throws, fluffy cushions, and fairy lights to create a comfortable reading nook. Take a look at that book you have been meaning to read or try out some different genres. You could also join an online book club to discuss your reads with others. It’s a peaceful way to escape reality and travel through stories.

Local Food Tour

Try a culinary tour right in your city by ordering from different local restaurants each day of your staycation. You could try Mexican on Monday, Thai on Tuesday, waffles on Wednesday, and so on. This is a great way to support small businesses in addition to being a delicious treat for your taste buds.

Global Board Game Night

Spend an evening playing board games from various countries. You could try ‘Dixit’ from France, ‘Catan’ from Germany, or ‘Ticket to Ride’ from the USA. With their traditional games, you can learn about various cultures, which can be both educational and entertaining. 

Fancy Breakfast Experience

Make your mornings special with a luxurious breakfast in bed. You could make fluffy pancakes topped with maple syrup and fresh berries, or a healthy avocado toast with a side of fruit salad. Enjoy the meal while watching your favorite show or reading a book. This is the ideal way to get your day off to a great start.

Live Performances at Home

Many world-class theaters and orchestras stream their performances online. So deck up, arrange some gourmet snacks, and get ready to watch a ballet from the Royal Opera House or a play from Broadway. This cultural experience will enrich your staycation.

Home Movie Festival

Choose movies set in your dream travel destinations. You could watch ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ for the stunning landscapes of Iceland, ‘Roman Holiday’ for a vintage tour of Rome, or ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ for a modern glimpse of Singapore. Get your popcorn ready, turn down the lights, and take a global cinematic adventure.

DIY Home Improvement Project

Make the most of your staycation by decorating your home. Maybe it’s time to repaint that wall, build a bookshelf, or start a small herb garden on your balcony. Not only will this give you a sense of accomplishment, but it’ll also enhance your home.

Virtual Museum Tours

Virtual tours are available at many well-known museums. This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in art and history without leaving your home. You could visit the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., the British Museum in London, or the Louvre in Paris.

Fitness Challenge

Set a fitness goal for your staycation. It could be mastering a yoga pose, beating your own running record, or learning a new dance routine. This will provide you with a fun challenge every day in addition to keeping you active.

Stargazing Night

Turn your backyard or balcony into a mini observatory. Spend a night under the stars, identifying constellations and planets. It’s a peaceful way to connect with nature and learn about astronomy.

Home Photography Project

Use your home as a canvas for your photography skills. Try different styles – maybe it’s macro photography of flowers in your garden or a portrait series of your family members. This will help you see your home in a new light and capture beautiful memories.

Embrace Staycations by Finding Relaxation and Joy at Home

The convenience and adaptability of a staycation are what make them so wonderful. You can tailor it to your interests, whether that’s diving into a cooking adventure, embarking on a reading journey, or simply enjoying some quiet time away from the digital world. The goal is not to replicate an exact travel experience but to create a relaxing and enriching atmosphere that lets you break away from the daily routine.

The best staycation, much like any vacation, is one that allows you to decompress, enjoy, and truly live in the moment. It is about taking advantage of your environment, discovering new hobbies, and setting aside time for self-care. After all, the essence of a vacation is not always in distant travels but in the change of pace and the rejuvenation it brings to our lives.

Therefore, keep in mind to prioritize relaxing and enjoyable activities when you are planning your next staycation. Whether you’re immersing yourself in a home-based holiday party, experimenting with exotic recipes, or just having a peaceful reading adventure, the most important thing is that you’re giving yourself the break you deserve. Here’s to wonderful staycations that help us live life to the fullest!


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